Who we are

We at BUK Familienservice would like to introduce ourselves

The BUK Familienservice consists of specialized teams of consultants. All consultants have the appropriate qualifications and professional experience to provide competent and solution-oriented support in the various areas of work-life balance.

In addition, we support and advise our customers in the implementation and communication of our offers and thus ensure the visibility of family friendliness in the company is sustainable.

The BUK Familienservice teams support you and your employees in all questions concerning the balance between work and private life.

We work quickly, competently and sustainably.

Where our roots lie

Our roots lie in company-supported childcare

BUK Familienservice was founded in 1997, as “Betriebliche unterstützte Kinderbetreuung”, to help employees make the right choices when it comes to childcare. Today, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services to support their employees.

The letters of our name BUK have now come to stand for "Bundesweit Und Kompetent" (Nationwide and Competent). With our four service areas - Work and Family, Work and Health, Work and Everyday Life, and Work and Knowledge - we provide employees with comprehensive support in all matters that life has to offer.

Our goal is always to achieve a balance between work and family life. Both sides have to be in balance to live a good life.

What is important to us

The mission statement of BUK Familienservice

Our goal is the relief and holistic health maintenance of employees.

We are convinced that work, family and private life do not have to be in conflict, but can successfully be reconciled in the best possible way through our services.

We always work with the highest degree of customer orientation and reliability. Local and temporal flexibility, a personal and individual approach to employees and customized solutions are the basis of our daily work, always in compliance with all relevant aspects of data protection.

Compliance with all aspects relevant to data protection is a matter of course for us, and appreciation of diverse lifestyles and cultures is the basis for our consulting work.

Our services at a glance

We work quickly, competently and sustainably.

Consulting on children and parenthood

Our specialized children and parenthood consultants provide support on the topics of parental allowance and parental leave as well as returning to work.

We also provide support on all topics related to childcare. We offer support in the search for childcare persons/places (daycare, daycare centers).

We support parents-to-be with applications and administrative procedures related to pregnancy.

Online lectures covering various topis on children and parenthood complement our work and family offer.

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Support in the area of care

The BUK Familienservice elder care support team offers consultations regarding the care of relatives, for example in the area of care classification, home care, household-related services, the clinical picture, parental maintenance and on the topics of powers of attorney and dispositions. We support employees in crisis situations.

In addition, we research and arrange care services and places in homes for the employees of our client companies, depending on the possibilities and capacities.

Online presentations on various areas of care complete our range of services.

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Holiday childcare for school children

In our holiday program we work according to the concept of playful and age-appropriate support. The childcare has a good supervision ratio and is supervised by pedagogical staff.

Children between the ages of 5 and 17 can be registered for our holiday program.

We offer programs in languages, sports, scientific experiments, nature experiences and much more.

We offer flexible childcare with full-day and half-day options.

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Consulting in the area of Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees are increasingly facing greater challenges. The demands of the business world are increasingly focused on flexibility and mobility. Combined with family challenges, the pressure of having to manage everything, can quickly become too much.

We at BUK Familienservice provide comprehensive support to employees of our client companies so that they do not get caught up in this spiral of performance pressure in the first place.

But even if you already find yourself in a pinch, we can help you find a quick and straightforward solution.

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Occupational health consulting

We offer support for satisfied employees.

Everyday employees spend a lot of time at their workplace. Therefore, it is even more important to be aware of the positive effects that measures for occupational health can have for the entire company.

Maintaining a good level of health at the workplace is therefore a central issue.

We at BUK Familienservice provide customized support, give thought-provoking suggestions and help with practical measures, organize health days and are always there when it comes to our customers' health.

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Online lectures and local face-to-face lectures

Our events take place throughout the year.

Examples of events on the topic of care include health care proxy, care and living wills, parental maintenance, and dealing with dementia.

On the topic of children and parenthood, we offer online lectures on parental leave and parental allowance or children and social media.

In our Employee Assistance Program, we provide information on resilience and mindfulness, recognizing and preventing burnout, and leadership training.

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