Frequently asked questions

Why employers and companies benefit from the services of BUK Familienservice

Why is the use of the BUK Familienservice beneficial for companies?

Greater company awareness of family and health issues leads to more satisfied employees. Often, measures for a better work-life balance have already been implemented in the company. Together with you, we take a close look and analyze your existing offer in order to supplement it meaningfully with our service modules. Our goal is an individual offer to your company that suits you. All our offered services can be combined individually.


How do I communicate the BUK Familienservice offer to my employees?

We support you in communication. This is part of our service. Together, we determine which communication channels are available in your company and how we can reach your employees in the most effective way. We put together an initial communications package for our client companies to get them started. Beyond that, we maintain a close exchange of ideas and deliver additional materials as needed.

Is there also holiday care for children and young people?

The holiday program of the BUK Familienservice takes place throughout Germany. It is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 17. In all school holidays, no matter if it is Easter, summer, autumn or winter holidays, we offer a varied program of childcare during the school holidays in cooperation with experienced organizers. Our offers take place on a full-day and week-by-week basis to provide comprehensive relief for your employees.


Do I have to book all the services or can I just order individual modules and make them available to the employees?

It is important to us that you receive exactly the service that you have booked. Thanks to our customer login, we are able to provide our service modules individually. Your employees are able to see exactly what you have booked for them in the customer login.


Can all my employees use the service or can I also restrict it?

You can determine the group of people entitled to use the service yourself, i.e. you can also only allow certain groups to use it. However, this can lead to a feeling of "injustice" within the workforce and give a well-intentioned support service such as the family service a negative image. We therefore advise against this.


What costs do companies have to pay when they book the services of BUK Familienservice?

The cost depends on the number of services booked. For this reason, we analyze the needs within your company together and create an individual offer that fits your needs. If the analysis parameters change, we will be happy to expand our offer.


What information about the use / needs of my employees do I receive as a company from BUK Familienservice?

The companies receive a report at regular intervals, which documents the use and the topics of the requests. The data is transmitted to the company in anonymized as well as partly aggregated form, so that no conclusions can be drawn about the employees themselves. In addition, the BUK Familienservice is available at any time for feedback discussions about the use and needs of the employees, of course again only in anonymized and aggregated form.


Does the BUK Familienservice also offer international consultations?

Yes, we offer international consulting services. Our consultations are always based on the German law. We are familiar with the German system.

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