Avoiding burnout

Only healthy employees are efficient

Stressful conditions can lead to a disturbance of well-being, burnout and a reduction in performance are often the result.

In such cases, professional support and advice are needed to bring the demands of everyday life back into balance.

We know that only healthy employees are satisfied employees.

Our Employee Assistance Program

We at BUK Familienservice offer employees support and advice on a wide range of issues.

Work and profession

Sometimes you have the feeling that you no longer have any influence on your workload and that you are running behind the goals you have set.

You feel burnt out and overwhelmed or misunderstood by superiors.

We at BUK Familienservice offer concrete support in the case of conflicts, stressors and strains.

But we are also there to help with topics such as solution-oriented communication or dealing with changing demands in the team or the work environment.

BUK leads you out of the cycle of stress and helps you to find a healthy balance.


Private and Personal

In addition to the demands of work life, private life is changing as well. Family structures are breaking down and each individual has a multitude of demands to fulfill. In many cases, one literally rushes through the day without consciously acknowledging one's own needs.

Separations or divorces, as well as life in non-nuclear families , often require a high degree of organization and willingness to compromise.

Conflict and the feeling that everyone’s needs are not being met are a source of stress. Consulting external experts can help to give structure to the situation and thus take some of the pressure off.




Mental Health

Mental health is an essential prerequisite for good performance, development of potential and coping with the daily challenges of life.

The balance between the demands and the resources available to an individual is crucial.


The Employee Assistance Program supports you as an employee in maintaining or building up your resources and thus becoming more resistant to stress.

We listen carefully if you are currently exhausted or overloaded and help you to see clearly again.




Addiction and Dependence

Addiction can be found in all social classes and sensitivity to this topic has increased in the workplace.

Health-endangering consumption of addictive substances such as alcohol or drugs, but also non-substance-related addiction such as gambling or computer addiction, have an impact on the performance of the individual and also on the work environment.

We show you the way out of the addiction - no matter what form of addiction it is. Fast, competent and trustworthy.




Management Consulting

Managers are also confronted with changes in the business world. Therefore, within the framework of our management consulting, personnel managers receive quick and competent support for maintaining their own health, but also for dealing with employee behavior.

The preventive use of consulting strengthens the resilience of the manager. This not only increases the health of the workforce, but also the loyalty of employees to the company.

Because healthy leadership is the foundation for a healthy company!




Health Care Management

In many cases, a few conversations help to give quick relief or to see clearly again in case of a problem.

But even if further support is needed, we are there for you!

Together, we discuss how we can help you in the long term and research, for example, therapeutic offers, rehabilitation measures, self-help groups or other further assistance for your needs. In addition, we contact health insurance companies and support you during the application process and appeals.

We support you throughout the entire process so that you can concentrate on the most important thing: Your health!




We listen carefully.

Customized and comprehensive consulting is our strength

Our strength lies in consulting. The specialized consultants from the Employee Assistance Program provide employees with comprehensive support. Stress, performance pressure and high competition among colleagues can lead to poor mental health.

These stressful conditions often result in a reduction in performance.

This is exactly where the range of services offered by BUK Familienservice comes in. We support and advise employees and managers.

Thanks to our nationwide consulting network, which includes experts from a wide range of disciplines, we are able to cover all areas of mental health.

Our consultations are free of charge for the employees of our client companies and anonymous to the employer.


Find the direct and discreet way to our consulting services

The prerequisite for using our service is a contract between your employer and us.

In order to provide you as an employee with comprehensive information, our customer login offers a wide range of information, downloads and background information about our team of experts.

However, we also know that sometimes you want to take the immediate way to a consultation.

That is no problem at all! We are there for you, if you need a direct route.


To do so, please send us an e-mail to:


We will respond to your request quickly and confidentially. That’s a promise.

Sustainable, quality consultations are our trademark

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The BUK Familienservice team has made it its business to be a rock when it comes to the challenges of balancing work and family life.

All employees of the companies cooperating with BUK Familienservice are given access to our customer login.

The direct contact with our specialist advisors is possible there and we offer bundled and clearly structured information.

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Together we will find a solution that perfectly suits you.

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