Company health

The BUK Familienservice team offers measures for healthy companies and satisfied employees.

Preventive measures and offers for employee health make sense especially in those areas that play an essential role in our lives - this includes the workplace.

This is exactly where the workplace health promotion of BUK Familienservice comes in with targeted measures.

The aim is to maintain and promote the health of employees.

We stand for a healthy company and for satisfied employees.

Basic knowledge from the field of occupational health

Changes in the world of work

The dynamics of a rapidly changing world of work place demands on both the physical and mental health of employees. This is why occupational health measures are so important - they start with the positive design of the working environment to keep people healthy and productive or to help them regain their full working capacity once it has fallen into disrepair.

Consequently, occupational health management in a company is of particular importance not only in terms of specific absenteeism management, but also with regard to corporate culture by creating healthy working conditions. And this pays off especially with regard to issues such as productivity, employee satisfaction and the recruitment of skilled workers.

We at BUK Familienservice support you with our products in introducing concrete measures to improve working conditions in your company.


A sustainable strengthening of the health competencies of each individual in the company as well as a structural improvement of the working environment lead in total to a healthy and efficient company.

The special focus of modern health management concepts is on the so-called "salutogenesis", i.e. the emergence of health and not of illness.

In accordance with this attitude, approaches are logically developed that strengthen individual and organizational health, promote their resilience and thus start at an early stage.

Action Planning

We support you in implementing targeted occupational health measures.

Whether it's mental health or classic areas of health promotion such as nutrition or exercise -

We think holistically!

An example in detail - our health days

Little effort for our client companies – great benefit for their employees

We at BUK Familienservice are part of our customers' health days - in the planning beforehand and in the implementation on site.

Together, we consider which key topics should be covered and then coordinate the corresponding offers.

Employees are given the opportunity to deal with important topics such as health, nutrition, exercise, mental fitness or anti-stress programs in a compressed form and with a pleasant atmosphere.

Sustainable, quality consultations are our trademark

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